Creating A Part

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Creating A Part

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Today we will go over adding a new part to your inventory. Adding parts to your inventory can greatly help in creating quotes quickly!

To begin, navigate to your Part Inventory and click the button in the upper right corner of the page "Add Part"
add-part-btn.png (1.86 KiB) Viewed 498 times
You should see a modal window displayed allowing you to enter some details about your part.
Screenshot from 2020-06-16 23-16-40.png
Screenshot from 2020-06-16 23-16-40.png (125.59 KiB) Viewed 498 times
As you can see we have several inputs that allow us to enter some very specific part details. To begin enter a part name in the name field and enter a description for the part. The next thing is the quantity. You can use this differently depending on how you see fit. Generally, this would be the required amount for a job. You could use this as a quantity on hand however an amount is not deducted upon adding the item to a quote or order. (In a future release we will look to add this as a feature)

You can now add an amount the part cost you. This is what you would pay for the part. This cost will help determine your profits and loss displayed in your dashboard.

Next, you can either enter a sale amount or enter the margin amount. If you enter a value in the margin the sale price based on the cost will be calculated for you and vise versus.

Finally, you can choose to have the part enabled or disabled. Currently, this is just for assisting you when building your quotes & orders. Disabled parts will still be displayed when searching for parts while creating a quote.

Now that you have entered all the required information for the part you can click the add part button in the lower right of the modal and the part will be added instantly to the parts table!

That's it for adding a part.

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