Dashboard Overview

An overview for the administration dashboard.
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Dashboard Overview

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Depending on if you are an Admin or a Team Member with a user role you may notice a few different options in your dashboard.
In the Dashboard you can see an overview of what's going on along with any notifications from Go Invoice It Team.

If you are an administrator you will notice that there is a wrench on the header of the "Monthly Recap Report", "Latest Orders" and "Latest Invoices" modal.
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Clicking on this wrench allows you to change what is displayed for that modal. You can choose to display data by User or Global. Choosing by User allows you to select Team Members to view data that pertains to that particular user.
dashboard-options.png (109.03 KiB) Viewed 473 times
In the Monthly Recap Report modal you will see an overview of total billed by month for the previous 12 months. Below the monthly report, you will see dollar amounts that represent totals for the previous 12 months.

Those totals are:
  • Total Revenue
  • Total Cost
  • Total Profit
These totals are calculated based on Invoices that have been marked as "Paid".
Also, notice an arrow above the totals and a number, this value represents an increase or decreases from the previous month sales.

If you do not have administrator role privileges you will only be shown data that relates to your account.

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