Planned Updates

Future Planned Updates. We try to keep you informed on whats planed next!
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Planned Updates

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Planned Updates

We will try to list planned updates here along with their expected dates or timeframes.
As always we try to push major updates at night typically after 12 am Central Standard Time.

Email Settings
We plan to redesign the email settings section to allow for easier creation of email templates. This is planned to be done over the next couple of months if not hopefully sooner depending on other systems and development progression.

I will list ideas for the redesign here as I get them.

Payment Settings

The payment settings section is scheduled for a major overhaul. This section primarily is payment gateway integration. We plan to include some other payment options in the future but for now, our main focus is Stripe. This is scheduled to be implemented and functional for testing in the next month hopefully no later than 8-15-2020

Account Settings

This section is functional except for the upgrade and downgrade account area. This will become operational when the payment settings section if built out. There may be some minor changes to this section.


The schedule section is planned to be slightly reworked over the week of July 13th, 2020. The following changes are planned:
  • Personalized Schedule for all users
  • Administartors will have access to team members schedules
  • Administartors will have the ability to view each team members schedule
Work Orders
  • Allow Photo Uploads for Work Orders.

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